The Drunken Pictures Page

All of the following were taken during periods of extreme intoxication. Don't take them seriously; if you're offended by a couple of guys joking around, get the fuck out of my homepage. If you have a sense of humor and aren't constipated up to your nostrils, look down.

Shiv and Storm_Trooper One ------- Shiv and Storm_Trooper Two ------- Shiv and Storm_Trooper Three

Shiv and Storm_Trooper Four ----- Jayse, Nemisis, and The_Other_Guy -------- Shiv and Z-Lot One

Drunken Artwork #1 ------ Drunken Artwork #2 ------- Jay #1

------- Jay #2 ------------------ Cooked ---------------- Wussout #1 ------------ Wussout #2

Thanks for looking, you fucking WEIRDO. 1