Wonderful person. She lives in Michigan, which is one state down and one state over, I think. Her and Tifa are planning a road trip when they grad, and I'm trying to convince them to come up here. Could be fun; I don't know whether or not either drinks yet, though. And I haven't been able to find her on IRC in a VERY LONG TIME.
Picture: Unavailable


I've known the sumbitch for years, but he seems to go on multi-month benders and forget he's leaving me to the boredom of my existence.
Picture: Unavailable


Friend of mine who used to live in the same town as me, then moved down the street from me (oh, the coffee we consumed at four in the morning...), then moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, then ended up having me move to the same city. Worthless asswhore, yes, but not completely without interest. He says one absolutely hilarious thing once a day. He's in my Shogo clan, and a full member of the Phallic Enterprises. What a lucky boy.
Picture: Available


Doesn't use IRC ever. Friend of my brother's in the University of Saskatchewan, and he seems to like small boys bums.
Picture: Unavailable (but he wears Drew Carey glasses)


He's a good guy. Lives down in Winnipeg, and is friends with Maiyn. Excellent computer user in general, and I think he's definetely got a future in it. Great sense of humor, which is one of the more important things I look for in people.
Picture: Available


Lives just outside Brandon, Manitoba, last I remember. Haven't seen her in absolutely forever, which really breaks my heart considering she's an annoying little assbitch.
Picture: Available


Seems to have left DALnet and gone to IRCnet. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, since we got in a pretty bad fight last time we saw each other.
Picture: Unavailable


My buddy CJ; going to the University of Saskatchewan presently. Doesn't come on much.
Picture: Unavailable


Haven't seen her in a long time, but FUCK was she fun. Check out my Logs page for more about her. Unfortunately, her fatness departed a very long time ago.
Picture: Unavailable (unless you want her pretend nudie pics)


The typing wouldn't be worth it.
Picture: Unavailable


The name says it all, you know? He used to live up here in Flon, but moved with his family down to Brandon. I usually refer to him simply as 'GI,' which is an acronym for 'Greasy Italian.' Nuff said. There're a couple records of him in my Logs section. He's the brother of an old friend of mine, and shit... Well, look at the datestamps on the logs. That's the last time I talked to him, I think.
Picture: Unavailable


I really have to do full updates of this place more often. Mike's one of those guys that knows way too damn much about computers and networking; he's one of the heads of EHOFF (Elite Hackers of Flin Flon), which is a group that sets up really massive network games through LAN. Good guy. Lives here in PA down the street from me.
Picture: Available


We used to be best friends. I mean, I would've done anything for her. Then I made a joke about her fiance, and BOOM. She freaks out. Anyway, whatever; I don't have the time for immature people.
Picture: Pic 1 , Pic 2


A guy I know from town. Not bad, for a homosexual (kidding, Goober). Apparently he moved to Brandon or something; I never hear anything anymore.
Picture: Available


Talk to him perdiodically, but don't know him from a hole in the ground. Seems decent enough.
Picture: Unavailable


Ugh. Good friend of mine, but she moodswinged on my ass last time I talked to her and said some pretty nasty shit. Still stinging from it.
Picture: Unavailable


Probably the first friend I ever made on IRC. We used to fuck around every night for what seemed like eternity; insulted each other BRUTALLY. It was really fun, but after the channel we went to closed down for a couple of weeks about four years ago, we stopped talking.
Picture: Unavailable


An old friend of mine from Flin Flon. We go for coffee pretty much every time I get back home, but I still don't see her as much as I'd like to. She's on pretty often, but we don't seem to ever talk.
Picture: Unavailable


Definetely one of my favordest people in the whole world. I, however, am not one of hers. We had a real falling out a while ago (I'll spare you details), but we don't talk anymore. Probably for the best; she really hates my guts right now.
Picture: Unavailable


We used to be really good friends, but we haven't talked in a while. We used to really bug each other, back in the early days of #Anime, but like I said, we don't talk much anymore.
Picture: Available


We've known each other for eternity, basically. Back in my VERY earliest days on IRC, we were close friends. I don't get to talk to her as much as I'd like to, but I guess I have to live with that.
Picture: Available


One of the Hebron IRCops, acting founder of #Anime. Well, let's just say at the rate I update the page I'll never be able to keep up to speed with my feelings towards here, which can vary from passiveness to absolute flaming hatred.
Picture: Unavailable


She's cool. Lives somewhere in Winnipeg, which is like eight hours away from me. She's really sweet. Just has bad taste in men (inside joke).
Picture: Available


An amusing one. One day would I hate her, the next I would like her, the next I'd hate her again. It was more confusing than trying to have sex in the dark. Haven't really talked to her for a long time, which is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak life.
Picture: Unavailable


Interesting one. Really fucking cute, but confusing. I'm not going into detail.
Picture: Available


I used to have alot of shit concerning him and Elfyn, but I got rid of most of it due to the realization that no one (including me) really gave a shit. Anyway, he rates high on my Morons Who Should Be Killed Forcefully chart.
Picture: Unavailable


Good buddy of mine. Lives in New Brunswick, and is rather touchy about how you pronounce his last name. Too bad he likes it in the ass.
Picture: Unavailable


I have dubbed him 'Pretzel.' Reminds me of me periodically, back when I was a newbie fuckhead. Borderline funny sometimes, especially when he tries his very very hardest to piss operators off. I also think he's a homersexual. Hadn't seen him ages, until he up and popped into my channel, with the nick Puritzu. Fuck he's unoriginal. Anyway, it was good to see the little tick again. Too bad he never came back, may the shit in his intestines rot and give him cancer.
Picture: Unavailable


A good friend of mine from town. Seems to have gotten into computers more heavily just recently, which is annoying because he already knows alot more about vehicles than I probably ever will.
Picture: Unavailable


I used to have a really wicked time with the guy. Haven't seen him in an eternity tho.
Picture: Unavailable


She used to work at my favorite bar, actually. She was also the only person there who'd kick me out (I went there regularily when I was sixteen). I never really held that against her, and when she lost her job (or quit, I'm really not sure) and moved to Alberta, I never heard from her for the longest time. Then one day, out of the blue, she messages me on IRC. Odd, eh?
Picture: Unavailable


Slaynie poo, Slaynie poo, go shoot some heroin Slaynie poo. Ribbit ribbit, motherfucker.
Picture: Available, but not here.


Oh boy. Where to start. She's a slut, a bitch, a whiny little crybaby, short, ugly, probably smells like the dumpster she sleeps in, and is genuinely not my best friend. Sofa, I'd hope you get run over by a bus, but I'm sure the bus would get hurt. Disappeared just like everybody else I used to know (except I don't EVER miss this one).
Picture: Unavailable (be glad)


Prolly my best friend. Kinda annoying at times, but he has a sense of humor too. In fact, he's done some things on IRC that are totally fucking hilarious. Only problem is that he likes to imagine that he knows more than he does (heh). Check Drunken Pictures for shots of the two of us (he's the one with the massive Adam's apple). Unforunately, he moved from here to a city called Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan. He stayed there for several weeks, elisted in the Canadian Army, and is presently stationed somewhere in Quebec.
Picture: Available


Says he's fairly harmless.
Picture: Unavailable

The Other Guy

I've never seen anyone try as hard as him to get out and stay out of Flin Flon, but he keeps getting dragged back. First it was because the people he was living with in Alberta moved and he had nowhere to stay, and now it's because a couple dumbasses out in Alberta (the SECOND time he moved) fucked him up at school. I doubt he's planning to stay here a whole lot longer than he has to tho. We worked together in the same kitchen for awhile, then he scored his old job back in AB, so he left me all by my lonesome. Probably for the best though, because I don't think we're made for working together. I'm pretty sure in another month we'd have killed each other. If interested, email him at But be forewarned; as alot of the people I know, I suspect he likes it in the ass.
Picture: Available(he's the one on the right)


Good friend of A-ko. I used to talk to her alot more, just like most of the people on this page, and I have no idea what really happened. Probably has something to do with never seing A-ko anymore. Either way, Tifa was always someone I enjoyed talking to. A genuinely pleasant person.
Picture: Unavailable


Decent guy, but one of the biggest fucking MORONS that I've ever met before in my entire life.
Picture: Unavailable


*pss* I think he likes it in the ass...
Picture: Unavailable


One utterly crazy mother. I've voice chatted with him once or twice, and his ability to imitate voices nears the disturbing. Alot of people don't seem to like him much, but he's done alot of growing up in the last year or so, and he's a pretty good guy. Althought he does have this annoying habit of sucking the semen out of dead monkeys.
Picture: Unavailable


What a nudist. To sum up NiCole, I give you these points:
#1) (Veal) GET IN MAH PUSSY!!!
#2) (Veal) but i'm in a horny mood tonight ^^;;;
These are real quotes taken from my mIRC script. Please be advised that I'm pretty sure NiCole eats her mates after sex, however.
Picture: Unavailable


One of Pretender's friends. Not particularily normal, IMHFO (alt.tasteless for anyone who doesn't get that), but meh.
Picture: Unavailable


Very high strung asian girl. Used to be pretty good friends with her, but I had a bad episode with her boyfriend/fucktoy Zechs, and she was giving advice to some guy that hates my guts about how to get me back. I mean, gee thanks. Bitch.
Picture: Unavailable


Heh. It's perhaps better not to comment on the dregs of society.
Picture: Pic 1 , Pic 2


My big brother. 23, 6'1, 190 lbs, he goes to the University of Saskatchewan. Only comes on IRC periodically, just long enough to attract all the cyberwomen and make all the geeks hate his guts. Sometimes we go on tours of Christian channels together, with names such as Pedophile, Satans_Asshole, and God_Is_A_Butt_Nugget.
Picture: Pic 1 , Pic 2