NAME: James
GENDER: male (no comments)
BIRTHDAY: 09/04/80
WEIGHT: 185 lbs / 84 kg
HAIR: about three feet long, strawberry blonde
EYES: brown
COMMENTS: why am i setting this up like a fuckad?

I've been using the Internet consistantly for about seven years now, as best I can figure out (my long term memory is about as active as my short term). Lately I've been meeting up with people I met back when I first visited IRC; click Here for a list of people I know.

Anyway, I'm taking classes in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan right now; they've got an absolutely fantastic cooking school here. I've got four instructors, and two are Swiss and absolutely insane. The one curses at me in German every time I fuck something up, and the other likes to touch everybody. Not sexual or anything; must be a cultural clash of some sort. I love the classes, anyway, but due to my wonderful baby girl, I have trouble getting up in the morning to go sometimes.

I program in C++, Pascal, Javascript (although not avidly enough to code this page with it), and Java (well, a little). I'd say HTML, but I really don't consider a hypertext system that runs on a serious of in/out tags a programming language. I'm acting CEO of a gag software company known as the Phallic Enterprises , which has something like half a dozen members. I haven't TOLD one or two they're a member of my software company, but I'm sure they won't mind :)

And most importantly of all, Click here for the page dedicated to the most beautiful little girl on the face of the Earth, my daughter Jade. Prepare to be wowed.