Official Food Tester and Scriptbitch: b0kken

Age: 22
Height: 6"1'
Location: Winnipeg, MB: Canada
Genitals: Minute
Quote: "And where's the "block fatter than Jupiter" button on this damn friendfinder?"
Skill: Accidentally fusing valid programs with viruses from 1989.
Level of Value: As far as food testers go, he's Jesus.


Able to leap tall buildings with a single blat of flatulence, b0kken
brings his carnal knowledge of anal gratification to the glory of the
Phallus. Sprouting enough back hair to remove any fear of not being
to have a hair transplant performed, his cast-iron stomach is capable
of remarkable feats. His anus, however, has been perforated through
longstanding use of EverQuest.

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