Pilot Name: Rhino

Real Name: Michael

Age: 17

MCA: Predator

Favorite MCA Weapon: Bullgut all 'da way!!

Favorite OF Weapon: Energy Grenades

Favorite Saying: Rhino Rokz

Favorite Levels: MCA Spires, MCA Entrance

Favorite Music: Trance, Dance, Techno, Weird Al

Likes: People that play honorably, people that train newbies, people that care about the environment, cute chics :)

Dislikes: The opposite of the above (except for the opposite of chics, no matter what people look like I treat them the same), laggy players, and I don't feel like listing the rest.

Yahoo ID: d2rhino

ICQ:Q: 96944088

E-mail: d2rhino@mcafeemail.com

Connection Speed: DSL!!

Hobbies: Descent, Descent 2, Descent 3, Rollerblading, Hockey, Homeworld, HTML, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Rock Climbing, building and upgradingcomputers, webpage design.

About me:
I got shogo:MAD free with my (excellent) Wingman Gaming Mouse. I though "just some dumb game" but when I watched my friend play the demo I though "that looks kool!!" I installed it, and played ever since (about 6 months). I love MCA (OF is ok). In the real (fake?) world I am a tech for the college I attend.

Personal Links:

(My favorite game)

www.homeworld.net (Ties for my second favorite game)

www.Logitech.com (Makers of my favorite peripherals)

www.kahncentral.net (My favorite multiplayer service)