Shiv's PC

The last one is of my Linux firewall, which became my Linux fileserver, which became a piece of junk currently running Windows 98 that does nothing except suck up power. Anyway, story.

I started case modding about three years ago, after seeing the finished product of an associate. My poor generic case has been through more half-assed ideas than a Lutheran in a whorehouse; I began with a simple blue tint plexi window with a 10' blue neon, which ended up not working out when the light cakked. The lighting ended up becoming a red cold cathode with a 5' neon for a little bit of blue tint, and a strip of EL cable around the window for effect. Added the kanji decal, rounded the IDE cables with split loom, put "spiral wrap" (aka fish tank tubing) on most of the wires, and added a strobelgiht behind the bezel swoosh-thingy, controlled by a potentiometer to adjust the pulse.

All wiring, soldering, etc was done by me, with my half-electrician friend standing by to mock my work.

Old Pics 1 2 3

2.8M AVI of strobelight in action. Wicked Pic of strobelight in action.

OS Dual boot Windows XP Professional / Linux (Mandrake) 8.0
Processor AMD Athlon XP 1700 (1.5 GHZ)
RAM 512M DDR [ 2 x 256 ]
Motherboard Asus A7A266 [ ALiMAGiK 1 Chipset ]
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 [ 64M DDR ]
Sound Card Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Value
Ethernet Card 100 Base-TX: 100 MBPS
CDROM/CDRW Sonyr 32x12x24x
Floppy Generic 3 1/2 Drive
Primary Master Disk Quantum Plus LS 30G [ 7400 RPM ]
Primary Slave Disk Western Digital 10G [ 5200 RPM ]
Monitor Samsung 17"
Power Supply 275 Watts
Cooling Antec JetCool Heatsink
Generic 5 1/2" Drive Bay HD Cooler
80mm (exhaust) system fan
Audio KOSS 75W RMS speakers
Mods Blue tint Plexiglass window
12' red cold cathode
5' blue neon light
10" EL cable
Bezel mounted switches
Spraypainted hammered black
Strobe light behind teal bezel decoration
Homemade rounded cables
Assorted custom wiring