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In case you didn't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's an environment where thousands of people come together to chat, and on some networks, tens of thousands of people. There are countless programs to connect to an IRC server, but the best are (by far) mIRC and pIRCh. mIRC can be found at The mIRC Company, and pIRCh really isn't worth your time anymore.

I used to have alot of shit here on "IRC Terrorism," because I guess I used to be really into that. I still have most of my old programs, but they're mainly exploits for bugs in mIRC and Windows that were fixed long ago (enyone remember the syn flood?), but if that crap interests you, try The Warforge, Progenic Warfare, or Planet/hack. I haven't visited these sites for a very long time, so I don't know if they have anything rhad (or even exist, for that matter; one of them I haven't visited in over a year). About the only really cool program they have is Netbus 2.*, which is on the Warforge under "Trojans." It's a "remote administration tool" built so that server admins could connect and work on their systems from home. Anyway, somebody came along and recoded this program so that if someone runs the server.exe program on their computer, you can connect and play with their system. Stupid, yes, but very fun :)

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