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Before I begin, I would like to make a few things clear. This page is not pro-choice OR pro-life; I've done this because I believe that the pamphlet I received in my mailbox this morning was one of the most enraging things I've ever seen. I have complex views on abortion in general, and do not intend to degrade the whole pro-life side of the debate. (The pamphlet does enough itself.) I do, however, have to stress a few things. The picture stapled to the pamphlet was that of a doctor holding a mutilated, severed head from an eight month old fetus with a pair of forceps. I've included a link to this image, but I warn you; this grossed me out more than anything else I've ever seen, and I'm an avid visitor of both and If there were ever a desensitized human being, it's me. My opinions will be expressed at the end.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the pamphlet consisted of a photograph of the decapitated fetus' head and a single page of type, double-sided. I've attempted to exactly reproduce the contents of said pamphlet, including spelling/grammatical errors. I don't have a scanner, or I would've just scanned the pages for exactness.


-=Card: front side=-

Choice is:
-insert picture of decapitated fetus-

Photo Reproduced by Permission of:
Foundation for Life
10900 NW Freeway #112
Houston, TX 77092 USA

-=Card: reverse side=-

She is a third trimester baby girl. She has no name. Her mother chose to abort her August 8th, 1987 in Houston, Texas, shortly before she would have been born. Abortionist John B. Coleman ripped off her head during a routine abortion... without anesthesia. Her tiny body was thrown in a plastic garbage bag with other babies similarily killed, and left in a rat infested alley, where stray animals eat whatever they find during the night. This is the reality of freedom of choice. Do you want it to continue?

You may order more of these cards from
Chet Kilgore
N2639 Hwy. Z G143
Dousman, WI 53118, USA

-=pamphlet: main page=-

-insert picture of fetus-
10 week pre-born child photographed in utero

Why do we show these pictures?

I have been showing these pictures of graphically mutilated pre-born children to the public since 1995. For my efforts I have been screamed at, threatened, once in a while thanks and thrown in jail eight times. I have been asked over and over again, why do I show these awful pictures, specially when most adults don't want to see them and there are children around?

Letme try to answer some of these questions for you. First of all I believe that these pictures show in no uncertain terms that the baby who died in the abortion procedure awas ever bit as much a human being, as the children who you may be concerned about seeing one of our pictures. While many children have said they, "will never do that to my baby when I grow up," none have ever died or needed psychotherapy after seeing the picture of a dead baby. On the other hand almost every children that has been aborted has suffered immensely and has died. A few have survived being aborted. Usually they suffere life long complications. These complications include cerebral palsy and respiratory problems from having underdeveloped lungs when they are forced into the world prematurely through the abortion procedure.

If our terrible pictures avert even one of these tradgedies, isn't the effort worth it? Remember, children in their early adolescence are being taken to abortion clinics, without their parents knowledge or consent. If our pictures cause even one young girl to change her mind about killing her baby, we may have saved her years of anguish and grief in the future. No child needed to see a professional counsellor after seeing the picture of a dead baby. Many children have needed professional counselling to deal with the grief of killing one of their own.

Throughout history graphic pictures of human suffering and misery have been showing in an attempt to shed light on a tragic situation. and to get a response from the world. For years, I have kept a picture of an almost dead Ethiopian boy, who had a vulture hovering beside him. I never called Time Magazine and demanded that they don't show pictures like that any more. However, not too long afterwards, I did adopt a small children from Africa through World Vision. Ins't it more appropriate to ask yourself, "How can I do my part to address the human suffering;" rather than demand to be kept in a comfort zone, and not be exposted to injustice that is occuring in your own backyard?

Sacred scripture contains a rather graphic story about an injustice that occured alongst the Israelites more than 3,000 years ago. In the book of Judges chapters 19 and 20, we have a distrubing account, that describes the rape and murder of a concubine who belonged to a Levite priest. When the Levite found his concubine at the dorry of the house where he was staying, and saw that she died from the rape and abuse that she suffered, he took his knife and cut her into twelve pieces, sending each piece to one of the twelve tribes of Israel. When the men of the Israelite tribes saw what happened they did not demand that the remains of the concubine be hidden out of sight and that the injustice that occured not be spoken of any more. Rather as one nation the tribes arose against the wicked Benjamite rapists. In spit of suffering heavy casualties, the Israelites did not stop the military assault against their brother Benjamin. The entire Benjamite tribes was destroyed for allowing the rape and murder of the concubine, and for refusing to punish the crime, when confronted with the reality of what took place in their midst.

Are we not somewhat like the Benjamites? We are confronted with the reality that thousands of innocent pre-born children are killed each year with our tax dollars in abortion clinics and hospitals across the land. Rather than taking action and demanding that the killing stop, we scream at the messenger. Being made to feel uncomforatable about the injustice is harder for us to bear than the injustice it's self.

Some times truth hurts. It could even be argued that if truth is going to cause suffering to no good end, it may be wrong to expose it. In the case of killing thousands innocent pre-born children every year however, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is allowing an entire class of Canadians to die without legal protection. These pictures in all their ugliness must be shown. It is our hope that Canadians will not harden themselves to the truth that our nation has embraced a genocide. Abortion on demand is a human rights abuse of far greater magnitude, than any other human rights abuse in our history. Hopefully Canadians will instead repent and ask, "What can I do to stop this injustice and bring legal protection back to the weakest and the most vulnerable amongst us?"

Sincerely: Bill Whatcott
Christian Truth Acticists
For more info call (306) 949-0818

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to help us financially or with time, to distribute more literature exposing the horror of abortion, and the on hope that comes through repentance & faith in Jesus Christ, please send your correspondence to: c/o Christian Truth Activists, Box 1201, Sk, S4H-2L5


"Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of mine, even to the least of them, you did it to me." Jesus Christ


A modest essay by a person with acceptable writing skills. I would've read it and listened more to what he had to say if there hadn't been a picture of a fucking decapitated baby on the front. I know he's using MTV-style shock technique to get his message across, but does he seriously think it lends more credibility to his statements? He came across to me as another religious person who encourages abortion through his simple fucking existance.

I hold no grudge against pro-lifers, nor against pro-choicers. I'm a member of the "in between" minority, someone who can see that both sides of this issue make sense. I have no objections to peaceful demonstration (it being a constitutional right and all), and can respect almost any belief on the basis that just because I don't agree, that doesn't make everyone else wrong. What pisses me off are the "extremists"; members of the two sides that are so self-reightous, murdering doctors doesn't bother them. All the first degree murder laws don't make a difference, because they think that some big white dude with a big white beard who lives in the clouds has told them it's okay. I also hate the Elaine Benes' of the world (from Seinfeld), who won't associate with anyone who doesn't share their personal opinions. What do I say to these people?


I once drove past a group of pro-life activisits standing on a street corner with gigantic signs, each carrying one bible quotation or another. Fine, cool, you have your opinion, I don't care. When I actually passed them (I had to stop for a red light), I discovered that they were screaming anti-abortionist obscenities at passing cars. "STOP KILLING YOUR CHILDREN!" "10% OF THE POPULATION ARE BABY-KILLERS!" And other mindless drivel. The fact that these people thought themselves so righteous as to negate the responsibilities of decency made me so angry that I turned around and passed them with my middle finger out the sunroof, honking.

If they can show their views in a childish manner, why can't I?

But I digress. I should concentrate upon the worthless drop of filth that was deposited in my mailbox this morning.

I agree that the image of the eight month old fetus was horrible, and that to abort that late in the pregnancy is visually disturbing. Remember, however, that it is NOT legal in Canada to abort later than the second trimester; the United States only has two locations that will abort in the third, Colorado and Texas. Showing a picture like this to prove your point when the image wouldn't be applicable in the country it was distributed in is a rather Nazi-esque use of propaganda. "Scare the masses and then speak reasonably" was a recorded statement by Hitler, as well as twisting statistics and information to whatever they were more useful as.

For example, the story of the raping by the Benjamites. He applaudes the Israelites for standing up for their own, and for fighting injustice, yet forgets to mention that they performed genocide upon a people because of the actions of one man. The bible is full of retarded bullshit like this, which is devoured by those in need of justification.

Another example would be the bible quotation at the end. Given in this context, it implies that Jesus doesn't want you to kill the unborn; there wasn't a book:verse given, so I can't even look it up and figure out what he really might have meant. Perhaps by "even to the least of them," he meant the poor and wretched, who were often used by powerful people to prove their love of the masses. But in the true spirit of religion, people like you and I aren't supposed to know anything more than what we're told.

Even if the quotation were correctly used, IT'S FROM A FUCKING BOOK. Shall I quote Nazi material stating that the murders of Germany's sick and weak during the Night of the Long Knives in 1936 were justified? And expect for it to be anything other than words someone wrote?

Finally, to anyone who disagrees with my choice of language or the way I go about expressing my views (the finger out the sunroof thing especially; my wife absolute hated that) , am I more vulgar than a man who leaves a picture of a decapitated fetus in my mailbox?

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